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Our Specialty: Premium Leather Goods

Updated: Dec 1, 2020

The label carries understated luxury pieces, designed with the base philosophy of 'less is more' in mind. Essentially, saja the léon crafts premium leather goods with minimalist and timeless designs. All designs are inspired from Korean minimalist aesthetics meets European timeless and fine quality of leather goods. Hence, our designs could be phrased in four words; 'understated luxury, elevated basics.'

In frame: ORYNN Bag in Biskuvi.

The brand takes pride in its fine craftsmanship of leather goods. All leather goods were made of 100% real leather with semi-handmade craftsmanship technique. The label's definition of semi-handmade craftsmanship technique is the mixture of both machine and handmade techniques to ensure high quality finish to our products.

Machine and hand stitching technique were combined in the construction of each leather goods designed. Paint finish for leather edges are opted for a sophisticated look, as this type of finishing is often seen in leather goods designed by luxurious labels all around the world. Paint finishing for each leather goods are done manually. Specific colours are blended and painted by hand to match the original colour of the base leather.

In frame: LOUIE Bag in Noir, LYON Bag in Ash, OUI Bag in Bleue, ORYNN Bag in Black.

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