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This is the season of gifting! Complete yours with our limited edition greeting card featuring our beloved furry friends! You can freely choose from the designs available and customize your own message (max 30 words) for your loved ones.

Personalised Greeting Card

    1. Choose which design you wish to purchase. If you choose the combo of two doggos, please also inform which two doggos you prefer from six Doggo designs. Combo of two illustration is only available for Doggo. 
    2. Inform us the details who you will send it to (Dear, ...) & from who (your name)
    3. You can customize the message (max 30 words)
    • Please make sure that you have written all names & message correctly (max 30 words for message), as there will be no revision allowed. 
    • If you choose COMBO OF 2 DOGGO please inform us which 2 doggos you wish to have on your card. (Example Answer: COMBO OF 2 DOGGO - Doggo 1 & Doggo 3)
    • Please refrain from using profanity in your message. We have the right to cancel your order if this happens. 
    • Feel free use the message on our template instead of creating a new one. Simply write "same as template."
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