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Sweater Weather is Better Weather

Updated: Dec 1, 2020

"Sweaters are just blankets you can wear to work," as one said. Like it or not, sweater weather, widely known as rainy season, is here at your doorstep. We believe those who find the trickling sound of raindrops relaxing would find delight in this pouring season. However, deciding on an outfit to wear might be quite challenging. You have to consider comfort and practicality, which often leaves you having to choose between comfort or style.

Worry no more. We've got you covered.

In frame: Eirene Set in Olive.

Why choose between comfort and style when you can have both? Eirene Set is here to save you from your dilemma. This monochrome set include a V-neck oversized top paired with figure hugging pencil skirt with elastic waistband in polyester knit. Perfect for whenever you are feeling under the weather but still wanting to look effortlessly polished.

STYLE TIP #1: Texture and volume elevate the most basic monochrome tones to be anything but basic. Therefore, subtle texture of knit is opted for this set, as a nod to femininity. Our recommendation? Style it with sneakers for a laid-back occasion or switch things up with a pair of heels if you are feeling like a boss.

In frame: Eirene Top in Blush, LYON Bag in Latte.

STYLE TIP #2: When in doubt, style oversized top with tailored bottoms.

Not a huge fan of skirts? The oversized top (Eirene Top) from Eirene Set is sold separately. Pair oversized tops with tailored or figure hugging bottoms to balance your look. Wear pointed toe pumps for an effortless office attire or sneakers for a boyish casual look.

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