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Tis' is The Season of Giving

Updated: Dec 1, 2020

Yes, the jolliest season is here, despite the many uncertainties and concerns we may have due to COVID-19. This season used to be the driving force for everyone to stay sane and function well at work, just so that they could take a break and go for a holiday with their loved ones. This pandemic has forced the world to pause in its path. Everyone had to take a step back from their busy working lives and stay at home, where it is safer.

This situation has given us the opportunity to re-evaluate what really matters. We took for granted the simple joys of spending time with our family, friends and loved ones. All we can do is adjust to the 'new normal,' where almost every aspect of our life including social interactions are done online. Face-to-face interactions are limited for our own safety.

The current situation has given a new meaning of giving gifts to your loved ones. Send well wishes their way and a thoughtful gift to celebrate this holiday season. Don't let this pandemic limit you from expressing your love and appreciation to your loved ones!

Introducing our Season's Greetings Exclusives, filled with amazing deals and a personalised greeting card featuring our beloved furry friends! Enjoy FREE shipping (exclusive for purchases at and 15% off for all products! Happy Holidays, stay safe and healthy!

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